WLS Case Study

Women Love Shoes Case Study

  • +12% Items Sold

  • +18% Overall Revenue

  • +24% Overall Profit

About Women Love Shoes

Women Love Shoes is an eBay store selling a wide range of shoes, mostly for women; from running shoes to sneakers to office footwear.

Women Love Shoes has been selling exclusively to the domestic US market since opening its store in 2014.

“While we were itching to expand to foreign markets, we were very concerned about two things: First, the high cost of international returns would eat up our profits. Second, customs fees, which would make our shoes really expensive for international customers.”

The Challenge

Shoes are an especially ‘difficult’ product to sell online. Unless a consumer is familiar with the brand or had bought the same exact model in the past, for all sakes and purposes, purchasing a pair of shoes online is sort of a gamble.

When selling internationally, the size issue must be added to the equation. Converting shoes sizes is not an exact science, which causes a lot of frustration with international shoes orders. Basically, the risk of returns in especially high.

The prospect of dealing with high volume of international returns was the major reason Women Love Shoes refrained from selling its products outside the US market.

On top of that, since their average item price is $150, the added customs fee would significantly increase the listed price for international consumers, making their offering much less attractive.

The Solution

Women Love Shoes chose Hipshipper for two reasons.

The first was our exclusive offer of free international returns. As a shoes-seller, a product category with high volume returns, Women Love Shoes saw great value in this offer.

The second reason was our exclusion of customs fees from the item’s listed price on eBay. Our thinking on this, based on our experience as marketplace sellers, is to let each country charge its own. Since this is strictly between a country and its citizens, we’ve figured we should stay out of it.

“Once we’ve realized Hipshipper offer free international returns it was pretty much a no-brainer. That was exactly what prevented us from selling internationally all these years. On top of that, not including the customs fee made a lot of business sense to us.”

After Implementing Hipshipper

Women Love Shoes reports an impressive increase in their overall numbers after implementing Hipshipper.

The immediate increase in their potential audience has made a strong impact on their business prospects and has opened them up to expanding their selection. Women Love Shoes is now considering offering completely new categories of products.

  • +68% Order value of international buyers

  • +24% Overall Profit

  • +99.4% Positive feedback

“First we have to say that we are very happy about this new direction our business has taken. If before we saw a plateau in our horizon, we are now very excited about our growth potential .”