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Hipshipper helped over 700 eBay sellers to boost their profits by up to 25%

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  • 85% of sellers who use Hipshipper for more than six months report their DSR (Detailed Seller Ratings) has reached Top Rated status during this time.

    The support is just great! All tickets are resolved, and I mean ALL.

    Ori Topolanski, eBay seller

  • 78% of our sellers who used eBay GSP before say a major reason for switching to Hipshipper is the ability to profit from shipping

    For me the major important benefit is the increase in sales and average selling price; I sell more items obviously, but also at higher prices that generate bigger profits.

    Guy Stillman, Amazon & eBay seller

  • 82% of our sellers who didn’t ship internationally before say they joined Hipshipper because of our free international returns offer

    Now that all my international returns are hassle free, it may arguably be the best app you can add to your eCommerce business.

    Jamie Fyah Shawn, eBay seller

  • 99% of our sellers think our customer support team spends way too much time in the office

    Hipshipper will always go the extra mile to accommodate my needs. They had my back each and every time I asked for their help.

    Dorri Strauss, Etsy Seller


In the last 30 days New Sellers Who Joined Hipshipper:

  • 56% Didn’t ship internationally before

  • 41% Used eBay
    GSP before

  • 64% Opted-in to Free International Returns

  • 86% Chose to add profit for shipping

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