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FAQ about Hipshipper

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Absolutely nothing! Hipshipper is 100% free for sellers. Not only that, but you can even make a profit on every shipment!
Our rates vary according to the item weight and destination country. Once you signup to our system you’ll be able to view rates with the help of our shipping calculator.
To our logistics center in Folcroft, PA.
For the most part, the Hipshipper solution is automated. You link your eBay account or Shopify store to the Hipshipper dashboard and we'll automatically update the international shipping costs on all your listings (or just the ones you choose to sell internationally.)
We are fully integrated with a large number of third party services, so if you use one of our partner services, you don't need to do anything else - it’s all automated. Even if you use a different service that we don't partner with (yet!) the service is still almost completely automated since we’re integrated with eBay's own system. The only part you would have to do manually is update the domestic tracking number.
We’ll notify you of the problem and its nature (item did not reach our center, delivered damaged, missing parts, etc.). We will work with you to find the best solution for the problem.
We take full responsibility for the package from the moment it arrives at our domestic logistics center until it gets to your customer overseas. Plus, we automatically include a $300 insurance policy on every item that we ship for you.
Most of our competitors charge “customs handling fees” far in excess of actual customs levies. In many instances, customers pay these fees even when local authorities don’t actually assess customs on an item! We keep it simple - we let buyers pay you for the items you sell, and their countries for the custom fees they charge.
International returns are on us, free for sellers & buyers! All you need to do is ask the buyer to open a return case and update a return address. We’ll take care of rest - send money to the buyer and update the return case so you keep your seller ratings intact.
Of course! We take great pride in our seller-centric, proactive customer service. Our mission, other than shipping packages worldwide, is to ensure that both your customers and the marketplace are 100% pleased with your performance. Whatever you need - we’re here to help.